Is there still a top 10? No! Prizes will no longer be awarded for the top 10 finalists, but the same great prizes are still available and waiting for you! We now have a prize store that allows students to cash in their points for prizes at any time throughout the semester. The "leaderboard" feature only exists to give you an idea how many points your competitors are holding on to.

How does the prize store work? The Prize Store contains a list of prizes that can be purchased at any time by students who accumulate enough points to cover the cost of that prize. Some of the prizes are limited and will go to the students who purchase them first. Quantities are listed in the Prize Store.

How do I cash in points for prizes in the Prize Store? Open the CrimZone Rewards app and click on the Prize Store icon. Once you make sure that you have enough points to purchase the prize that you desire, click on that prize and then click purchase. You will get a confirmation notice after the prize has been successfully purchased.

How do I get the prizes that I have purchased? You will be emailed after you purchase a prize. Depending on the prize, it will be sent to you via university mail, or you will need to pick it up at the Athletics Complex.

What is the Grand Prize Raffle? In addition to purchasing prizes, students will be able to purchase raffle tickets for the Grand Prize Raffle. Each entry you purchase counts as one "ticket" in the prize raffle. The more you purchase, the better your chances are to win. At the end of each semester, first, second, and third place winners will be chosen from the pool of raffle entries. Please visit the Prize Store to learn about Grand Prize Raffle prizes for this semester.

What is the difference between Featured vs. Non Featured events? Each semester anywhere from 15-20 events will be designated as "Featured events." Featured events generally will include a specific giveaway at each event, plus the ability to earn up to 50 REWARDS POINTS! 25 points for checking in at the start of the event, and an additional 25 BONUS points for checking in a second time with the 2nd Check-In. Check-ins at all other events not designated "featured events" will earn you 10 rewards points.

What is 2nd Check-In? 2nd Check-In is an opportunity for you to earn 25 BONUS points at a Featured event. At around the half way point of the event, you will receive a push notification letting you know that the 2nd Check-In event has been created in the CrimZone app. At that time you will be able to go to the new event and check in to earn your bonus points. Please make sure push notifications are ENABLED for the CrimZone Rewards app to ensure you are notified of the 2nd Check-In.

Are there any other ways to earn points? Yes! Every time you check in to an event you can earn 5 bonus points by sharing the event on social media. After you check in, you will see a screen that allows you to share your check in. Select the social media outlet that you wish to share with, click post, and earn your bonus points! There will also be various promo codes offered throughout the semester for additional points. You will receive notifications to let you know that a promo code is available. At that time, go into your CrimZone app, click account, click promo code, type in your promo code, and earn your bonus points!

How can I stay informed about upcoming events? By downloading the CrimZone app you will automatically be added to the CrimZone Rewards email list. These emails will be sent once every week with information about upcoming rewards events.

Do I have to be a Harvard College student to participate? Yes. In order to be eligible for rewards all participants must fully complete their CrimZone mobile app account profile with a valid @college.harvard.edu email address.

Do I have to have an iPhone or Android in order to participate? No, but you do need a phone that can access a mobile browser. Participants can use their login information on mobile web to check in to events by visiting CrimzoneRewards.com

How do I "check-in" to events? Open the CrimZone mobile app, click on the Events icon, choose the event you're attending and tap "Check in to this Event." Check in is GPS based, so you will only be allowed to check in if you are within a certain distance of the venue.

What if the app won’t let me check in? First, make sure that you are inside the venue. If you still cannot check in, go to your phone or device settings, click on privacy, and make sure that your location services is turned on for CrimZone.