CrimZone Student Rewards

CrimZone Rewards is an app that rewards Harvard students for supporting Harvard Athletics and attending various events.

Use the app to check in to an event when you arrive on-site and earn points for attending. You can accrue points and use them to redeem great prizes from the Prize Store.


  • + A check-in system that rewards students for attending Harvard Athletics events.

  • + A virtual Prize Store where you can redeem your points for an array of great prizes.

  • + Event listings and notifications that help you stay up-to-date on event dates, times, student giveaways, and point values.

  • + An official leaderboard where you can see how your point totals compare to your friends' points, or compare by Houses, Clubs, and Student Organizations.

  • + Downloading the CrimZone Rewards app is the only way to receive student giveaways at various Athletics events.