The Belmont Bruins Rewards program is for all Belmont students. Student athletes may participate but are not permitted to to check in at their own events.

  • Prizes are all limited quantity and are first come, first served.

  • Limit one (1) entry per person. Must complete full profile information to claim prizes.

  • Points are accumulated for the academic year and do not roll over to the next.

  • Final day to purchase your prizes is May 11th 2018.

  • You can "buy" as many prizes as you have coins.

  • When an item is bought with coins, total points do not decrease.


  • Points/Coins may also be earned by sharing your event check-in on social media via the app

  • One (1) point can be earned for liking or retweeting posts under the "Social" module (Max of 5 points/day)

  • One (1) point can be earned for each "FanCam" photo posted (Max of 1 point/day)

  • Other special events may include points so check the app often!