DO I HAVE TO BE A STUDENT TO PARTICIPATE? No, both active Belmont Students AND Belmont Alumni are eligible to participate. Some prizes may require a BU ID or Alumni ID card to redeem, however.

DO I HAVE TO HAVE A SMARTPHONE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE? Yes. In order to check in, fans need to have a smart-phone with locations services turned on. The Belmont Bruins Rewards app is available via Apple App Store and Google Play.

HOW DO I GET POINTS FOR ATTENDING BELMONT ATHLETIC EVENTS? Download your respective version of the application that is compatible with your smart-phone. Once you register through the application you will click on events to find the event you are attending and click "Check In". Your points will automatically be awarded to you upon a successful check-in.

HOW DO I "CHECK-IN" TO EVENTS? Open the Belmont Bruins Rewards app, choose the event you're attending, and click on the "Check In To This Event." Once you check-in the points will automatically be rewarded to you.

HOW DO I BUY PRIZES? Hit the Prize button on your Belmont Bruins Rewards app, then tap the Store button at the top of the screen for a full list of all purchasable prizes. Use your coins to purchase prizes so you don't lose your spot on the Leaderboard.

HOW DO I CLAIM MY PRIZES & AWARDS? Once a Reward or Prize is awarded or purchased, follow the instructions on the app to claim.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN I UNLOCK AN AWARD? All awards list what is needed to unlock them on the awards tab on the application. Once you hit the required threshold for a particular award it will automatically unlock for you and you will receive a pop-up notification with a congratulatory message with further instructions on how to redeem and/or where to pick up your award.

THE ITEM I WANT IS SOLD OUT, WILL THERE BE MORE? All items are distributed on a first come first served basis. When they're gone, they're gone. So get there first and purchase it with your coins or you might miss out on that particular prize.

CAN I GET MULTIPLE OF AN ITEM? Multiples of some items can be purchased, but all items are available in limited quantities to each person. Some can be purchased more than once, some cannot be. Check under the buy button for the limitation rules.

CAN I EXCHANGE MY PRIZE FOR SOMETHING ELSE? All purchases from the Prize Store and Award items are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

DO POINTS ROLL OVER TO THE NEXT YEAR? Points are accumulated over the course of the academic year. They roll over from fall semester to spring semester. Each year’s final prize pickup date is the final baseball home game before May graduation.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T SPEND ALL MY COINS? If you do not spend all of your coins by the end of the school year and athletic season they were accumulated in, they will disappear. At the beginning of each year all participants begin with a score of Zero (0).

WHAT IF I HAVE A PROBLEM OR MALFUNCTION? Under the account button on the app there is a Help / Feedback button on the bottom of the page to assist you with whatever happens. We can add points to your account, so rest assured, we will fix it!