Do I have to be a Student to Participate? No! Many of the awards and prizes in the app are available for all fans, as long as their profile is completed in full. Let us know a little bit about your self by filling out your profile in the Account button.

Do I have to have a smartphone in order to participate? Yes, In order to check in, fans need to have a smart-phone with locations services turned on. BU Terrier Fan Zone is available via iTunes and Google Play - download today!

How do I earn points at BU events? Download the app from your respective app store and get registered. Once you register in the application you will click on events to find the event you are attending, and then click "Check In Now". Your points will be automatically added to your account through the app and you can start earning awards right away!

How will I know when I unlock an Award or Prize? Every award and prize shows you the number of points or activities required in order to access the reward. Once you meet the required threshold for that award (ex. "Achieve 50 points", or , "Attend 5 home games") you will receive a pop up notification with a congratulations message and further instructions on how to redeem.