Do I have to be a North Dakota State student to participate? Yes! In order to be eligible for rewards all participants must fully complete their Bison Rewards mobile app account profile with a valid student email address.

How can I get started with the Bison Student Rewards Program? Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and type in “Bison Rewards.” Download the free app (available for both iPhone and android) and make sure you turn on Bluetooth, location services, and enable push notifications. Click the account tab and fill out your profile. This will allow us to better serve and reward you for supporting North Dakota State Athletics.

How do I use the Bison Rewards app? The Bison Rewards app is a geo-location system that rewards students for supporting and checking-in to North Dakota State athletics events. Once you arrive, click “Check In” on the events tab. Once you have successfully checked in, the tab will turn green. You will then see an increase in your point total found on the leaderboard.

How do I “Redeem” my rewards? You can redeem your rewards at any NDSU marketing table located at all home North Dakota State Athletic events. Some prizes may require you to redeem them at our sponsor’s location. Please make sure to check the description on the reward to find out how and where to redeem your prize.

Do I have to be present at the event the entire time to receive points? Yes. In order to receive points for events, participant must be present the entire time of event.

If I cannot successfully check in, can I get still points? If you experience difficulties checking into a game, you can visit the NDSU marketing table and ask a representative to assist you or send an email to derrick.lang@ndsu.edu.

What times will the Bison Rewards App be open for me to check in at events? The app shows you at the bottom of each event what time check-in will start. Usually it is 1 hour before the event is scheduled to start and will last until halftime of each sporting event.

Should I click the “Redeem Prize” button once I reach the required amount of points? No. Only a NDSU marketing team member should press the “Redeem Prize” button.

Get to know our student rewards app The Bison Student Rewards Program is a free app that incorporates the digital age and offers a more interactive fan experience at all North Dakota State University athletic events. It uses the GPS on mobile devices to check students in at various venues throughout campus and select locations in Fargo, ND. The rewards program works on a point scale, so for every check in, students receive points to earn rewards.