DO I HAVE TO BE A UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY STUDENT TO PARCITIPATE? Yes. In order to be eligible for rewards, all participants must have their University of Kentucky Athletics “BBN REWARDS” app account profile fully filled out.

DO I HAVE TO HAVE A SMARTPHONE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE? Yes. All participants must have a smart-device with either the University of Kentucky Athletics “BBN REWARDS” iPhone Application, Android Application, or come to this site and select the “Register Now” button for those users with other smart-devices to register and check-in.

HOW DO I GET POINTS FOR ATTENDING UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ATHLETIC EVENTS? Download your respective version of the application that is compatible with your smart-phone. Once you register through the application you will click on events to find the event you are attending and click “Check In”. Your points will automatically be awarded to you upon a successful check-in.

HOW DO I “CHECK-IN” TO EVENTS? Open the University of Kentucky Athletics “BBN REWARDS” app, choose the event you’re attending, and click on the “Check In To This Event.” Once you check-in the points will automatically be rewarded to you.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN I UNLOCK AN AWARD? All awards list what is needed to unlock them on the awards tab on the application. Once you hit the required threshold for a particular award it will automatically unlock for you and you will receive a pop-up notification with a congratulatory message with further instructions on how to redeem and/or where to pick up your award. For further questions on how to redeem your prizes, please contact Greg Herbert at greg.herbert@uky.edu.