How can I get started with the Auburn Ignited Student Rewards Program?   Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and type in “Auburn Ignited.” Download the free app (available for both iphone and android) and make sure you turn on Bluetooth, location services, and enable push notifications. Click the account tab and fill out your profile. This will allow us to better serve and reward you for supporting Auburn Athletics.

How do I use the new Auburn Ignited app? The new ignited app is a geo-location system that rewards students for supporting and checking-in to auburn athletics events. Once you arrive, click “Check In” on the events tab. Once you have successfully checked in, the tab will turn green. You will also see an increase in your ignited points found under awards.

If I cannot successfully check in, can I get still points?   If you experience difficulties checking into a game, you can visit the marketing table and ask a representative to assist you.

I was at last week's event. Can I get credit for it today? No - Members must check in at each event in order to receive credit. No credit will be given for prior athletic events. It is important that you remember to check-in on the app.

How do I use the fan poll on the app? Simply click the fan poll tab and make your selection. You will receive ignited points for participating!

What times will the Auburn Ignited App be open for me to check in at events?   Checking In: The app shows you at the bottom of each event what time check-in will start. Usually its 1 hour before the event is scheduled to start and will last for the duration of the game.

How do I earn Auburn Ignited points? You can earn Auburn Ignited points by simply checking in to anything listed under the events tab in the app, posting on social media after you have successfully checked-in, and participating in any fan polls listed under the Fan Poll tab. Your total points will continue to accrue throughout the year, even when you redeem an award-your points will not disappear.

Can someone else pick up my reward? No - Auburn Ignited Student Rewards members will need to claim their own reward.

How do I redeem Auburn Ignited rewards?   To redeem Auburn Ignited rewards simply click the unlocked award and click “Redeem Award.” You can also email Ignited@auburn.edu with "Redeem Ignited Reward" in the subject line and your username, Ignited number and the award you would like to redeem in the body.

Prize orders will be processed the first Monday of each month, excluding university holidays, beginning September 8th. After your order is processed you will receive a confirmation email that your order is filled and the times you can pick up your item from the Auburn Athletics Complex Marketing Office (392 S. Donahue Drive). All orders must be picked up by the deadline listed in the confirmation email. Rewards are subject to availability. Users are eligible to claim one of each reward. All orders will be filled on a first order, first served basis. If your item is no longer available we will notify you so you can select a different item.

Game-day experience rewards will be raffle only due to the high demand! Winners will be announced a week before the event. You will be notified via email and a push notification will be sent to your phone. Please email us back within 24 hours to confirm you would like to participate.

What is the difference between points for attending events and social points? Social points are an extra bonus for successfully checking-in to Auburn athletics events and helping promote the event on social media. Once you check-in you will see "Share your check-in on social media for (2-5) bonus points." You may then click the Twitter or Facebook icon and it will automatically share to your account.